Is biogas production an option for your operation?

Recovering methane gases through anaerobic digestion is catching on as a way livestock producers can convert manure gases to electricity.

In his May 27 “Manure Scoop” blog, Daniel Andersen of Iowa State University discusses the Iowa Biogas Assessment Model, available through the Iowa Economic Development Authority, Energy Office. The IBAM, available at, is an economic analysis tool integrated with geographical information systems and was produced as a collaborative product of Mark Wright of ISU and the Des Moines-based company EcoEngineers.

The model is an online, GIS, interactive map where a user can click on different layers of data to study the biogas resource potential available or conduct an initial screening of where a potential project could be sited based on both feedstock and infrastructure availability. The IBAM tool provides estimates on production of a wide variety of biogas-based feedstock data including crop residues, manures and industrial co-products.

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