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Team Green Recycling runs test batch of food.

Results are great! Bread in the bags recovered a very high percentage of the bread from the bag with no signs of the bag in the bread. Heat and serve soups, yogurt, and butter in plastic containers recovered nearly all the contents. Food in tin cans were recovered for recycling with the cans as clean…
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Biogas! The big cellulosic fuel breakthrough?

Already, biogas as a renewable fuel is accounting for 90% of all cellulosic RIN production under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Food and paper manufacturers, ethanol & biodiesel plants, cities, landfill operators, and animal feeding operations stand to benefit. How does it work? We spoke with EcoEngineers CEO, Shashi Menon. It’s the “quiet monster” that’s turning…
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Putting Waste to Profitable Use: Carbon Fiber and Food Scraps

More than two dozen Washington companies and organizations presented solutions to save water, energy, and wasted material during the CleanTech Showcase, presented by the CleanTech Alliance on Monday. Two that caught my eye are focused on putting waste material to beneficial use, and doing so locally. The Composite Recycling Technology Center in Port Angeles is…
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Is biogas production an option for your operation?

Recovering methane gases through anaerobic digestion is catching on as a way livestock producers can convert manure gases to electricity. In his May 27 “Manure Scoop” blog, Daniel Andersen of Iowa State University discusses the Iowa Biogas Assessment Model, available through the Iowa Economic Development Authority, Energy Office. The IBAM, available at, is an…
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