Q:What types of packaging can you recover food waste from?

A:We can de-package most packaging products. Tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags, boxes, metallized films, bread wrappers, clam shells, etc.  We cannot process food in glass.


Q:What happens to the recovered food waste after it is de-packaged?

A:Our equipment is capable of recovering nearly 100% of the food and creates a slurry pump-able into a tanker for transport to a biogas facility for methane production.


Q:Do you provide secure destruction of unsalable food?

A:Yes we have surveillance cameras positioned toward the de-packaging equipment. A “Product Destruction Assurance Certificate” can be completed upon request.


Q:Do you recycle all the packaging?

A:No, some food products are packaged in combination materials that make it difficult to recycle for reuse.  Some food products coat the package enough to make it not desirable for recycling.