Company Profile:


Jade Shank set out to begin a new adventure in his life as a self-motivated entrepreneur. He began a concrete laser screed business in 2004 specializing in flat floors. He became known to the industry and traveled to projects in many states providing the quality work that customer’s desire. A few years later he purchased a dump truck to serve the construction industry. This adventure led him to purchase several semi-dump trucks and began working in the scrap recycling business. As the years progressed so did his concrete and trucking services.


Today he has a full service concrete business and 16 trucks serving the scrap recycling industry. Through his services he has become aware of the food recycling industry for the production of biogas. Jade saw an opportunity while the industry is gaining strength to begin a business in the recovery of food waste for biogas production. On January 6 2015, Team Green Recycling LLC was started with his wife April Shank.


Team Green Recycling LLC has been working diligently towards an early summer 2015 startup. Equipment has been ordered and deliveries expected in June. Our mission is to envision the environment free of waste. Promote 100% recycling with a clean process friendly to the surrounding community.

Our Team:


Jade Shank, Founder


April Shank, Sole Member


Mark Shank, Operations Manager

What’s New?

  • Just Past Our 1 Year Anniversary

    Team Green Recycling processed our first load of waste food products on August 22, 2015.  One year later we have recycled over 4000 tons of inedible waste food from packaging with a...

  • Team Green Recycling runs test batch of food.

    Results are great! Bread in the bags recovered a very high percentage of the bread from the bag with no signs of the bag in the bread. Heat and serve soups, yogurt,...

  • Biogas! The big cellulosic fuel breakthrough?

    Already, biogas as a renewable fuel is accounting for 90% of all cellulosic RIN production under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Food and paper manufacturers, ethanol & biodiesel plants, cities, landfill operators, and...