100% recyclable solutions

We recover organic materials from packaging,

to be used in anaerobic digestion

for the production of green energy.

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Recycle to Energy

Organic waste utilization is energy recovery through anaerobic digestion. The biogas produced through this process has a fuel value and can be used to create heat and power. It also creates a solid end product that can be composted to create soil nutrients.


Natural solutions

Biogas delivers cost-effective, sustainable solutions in modern waste management. By using food waste as a fuel, Anaerobic Digestion has a key role to play in helping replace fossil fuels and cut harmful emissions from landfill sites.


environment protection

The need to divert food waste from landfills and recycle this material has never been greater than now, as landfills are filling up and becoming the largest source of methane GHG released into the atmosphere. Team Green helps your company achieve zero waste.


Team Green

  • De-Packaging

    Our de-packaging system is an excellent choice for food packaging facilities. This allows managers to quickly eliminate spoiled, rejected or expired food waste, including canned goods, plastic...

  • The Art of De-packaging

    The patented Scott Separation System has become the cornerstone in the waste recycling industry for the recovery of organic materials from packaging, from which the organics can...

  • Biogas Production

    Biogas is produced by processing residual waste from  food production (fruit and vegetable waste, residues from meat, fish and dairy processing, brewery waste, food waste and much...

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Why Team Green?

Recover organic materials from packaging while you:

  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Reclaim recyclable metals and plastics
  • Reduce your company’s Eco-Footprint
  • Build your Green Initiative